The activities of Turku Energia are based on responsible management and constant improvement of business operations and modes of action. The principles of responsible entrepreneurship, which have been approved by the company's Board, require that Turku Energia should recognise its social, economic, and environmental responsibility in its operations.

Responsible energy for life, living, and entrepreneurship

  • Social responsibility in Turku Energia comprises the fulfilment of expectations and the maintenance of confidence among the different interest groups.

  • Environmental responsibility is based on minimising the environmental impact of the operations, and the improvement of energy-efficiency.

  • Economic responsibility means profitable and fair business activities for the benefit of society and the company’s owner.

Within Turku Energia, corporate responsibility and its management cover all corporate and business operations throughout the value chain from the procurement of energy to its use. Monitoring of implementation of the principles of responsible corporate operations is carried out through the line organisation. In addition, we insist that our suppliers and partners observe Turku Energia’s principles of corporate responsibility. In our operations we observe good governance, legislation and regulations relating to environmental and occupational safety issues that affect our operations as well as commitments we have made.

The management team of Turku Energia monitors and, through its own operations, ensures the implementation of measures and programmes in accordance with the principles of corporate responsibility in regular management reviews. Corporate responsibility issues are permanently on the agenda for meetings of the Group’s management team and the management teams of operational units. In addition, the Group has separate programmes for environmental and occupational health matters. Internationally recommended measures related to responsibility (GRI, G3) are monitored and reported on annually.

Management system

The company’s management practices are based on the Balanced Score Card, BSC, which establishes company and unit-specific targets derived from the company's vision and strategy. The Group and units’ management teams monitor the attainment of objectives. Strategy days are held annually for the board of directors, the management team and the unit's management teams. The Group’s strategy and objectives are planned during the strategy days. The management system functions electronically through the company’s intranet.

Turku Energia uses a management system that was certified in 2004, and includes systems for quality, environment, and occupational safety (standards ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14 001:2004 and OHSAS 18 001:2007). The system was audited twice internally and twice externally. Some of the members of the staff of Turku Energia have been trained to conduct internal audits. The system also includes regular surveys by the management.

Environmental responsibility – more renewables and reduced emissions

It is important for Turku Energia to recognise the environmental impacts and risks of its operations and to work in accordance with the principles of sustainable development. For us, environmental responsibility means increasing renewable energy, reducing emissions, increasing energy efficiency and reducing our local environmental impact. Turku Energia tries to reduce the environmental impact of its own operations by concentrating holistically, not only on measures that affect energy procurement and generation, but also on measures which have a local effect.