Network service charges for production (over 1,000 kVA) in medium and high voltage networks from 1 January 2022

Basic fee

produktmoms 0 %moms 24 %kostnad/mån
Medium voltage network (10 or 20 kV)150,00186,00€/month
High voltage network (110 kV)300,00372,00€/month

Energy input into the network

productVAT 0 %VAT 24 %cost/MWh
Medium voltage network (10 or 20 kV)0,000,00€/MWh
High voltage network (110 kV)0,000,00€/MWh

Self-produced energy consumed behind the connection point

productmoms 0 %moms 24 %cost/MWh
Consumption fee, winter day (December to February Mon–Fri from 7 to 21)8,9611,11€/MWh
Consumption fee, other hours2,553,16€/MWh

Power charged for production connected to the network

productmoms 0 %moms 24 %cost
Active power fee for production plants1900,002356,00€/MW, year
Energy fee for short operating times3,203,97€/MWh

Energy output from the network

Each production plant must have a valid network service agreement entitling to the use of electricity, according to which the consumption network service charges specified in the network service price list are charged.

The consumption of electricity self-produced behind the connection point refers to the share of consumption that has been produced behind the connection point. The fee is not applied to the production plant’s own consumption.

The production plant's net active power fee is determined by the customer’s power plants connected directly or indirectly to the electricity network that exceed the net active power of 1 MW determined in accordance with Commission Regulation (EU) No 543/2013.

The energy fee for short operating times is charged for production plants with short operating times that are not subject to the production plant power fee. The application of the fee will be agreed upon annually in December of the previous year.

The valid Network Service Terms or High Voltage Distribution Network Service Terms approved by the Energy Authority will apply to the network service presented in the price list.