Electricity distribution products, prices and contract terms

Below you will find price information on electricity distribution and connecting to the electricity network, as well as our terms and conditions.

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Private customer electricity distribution products

Choose an electricity distribution product according to your needs and consumption. Options are General Electricity, Night-time Electricity, or Seasonal Electricity.

General Electricity – same price around the clock (Yleissiirto)
  • You consume electricity mostly at daytime and your form of heating is other than electricity.

  • The product is suitable for detached houses, apartment houses and terraced houses as well as holiday homes.

  • The distribution price is the same around the clock and all year round.

Night-time Electricity – cheaper distribution at night (Yösiirto)
  • You also use electricity at night and you have electric heating.

  • The product is suitable for electrically heated detached houses and terraced houses.

  • The distribution price becomes cheaper when the day time turns to night time.

  • The Night-time electricity is measured every day at 22–07.

Seasonal Electricity (Kausisiirto)
  • You have the option of supplementing the electric heating with other options during the winter season.

  • The product is suitable for detached houses and terraced houses with storage electric heating.

  • The distribution price becomes cheaper when the winter season turns to summer season. The price also gets cheaper at night and on weekends during the winter season.

  • For Seasonal electricity the winter weekdays are from Monday to Saturday, November 1 to March 31 (1.11.–31.3.) at 07–22.