Network service charges for small-scale production (max. 1,000 kVA) in low and medium voltage networks from 1 January 2022

Energy input into the network

productVAT 0 %VAT 24 %cost/ kWh
Low voltage network (0.4 kV)0,000,00c/kWh
Medium voltage network (10 or 20 kV)0,000,00c/kWh

Energy output from the network

Each electricity plant must have a valid network service agreement entitling to the consumption of electricity, according to which the consumption network service charges specified in the network service price list are charged.

Selling small-scale production

To sell small-scale production into the electricity network, you must enter into an agreement with the electricity vendor of your choice. Information on electricity vendors that buy small-scale production can be found, for example, in the electricity comparison service provided by the Energy Authority.

The valid Network Service Terms approved by the Energy Authority will apply to the network service presented in the price list.