Turku Energia's strategy

Turku Energia's core task is to be a reliable partner for all our customers' energy solution needs. It is our duty to ensure the uninterrupted production and distribution of energy and heat for our customers at competitive prices.

This we do while taking environmental targets into account. We are committed to the City of Turku's goal of reaching net zero by 2029. This entails investments in the promotion of carbon neutral and renewable energy and in emissions reduction, increasing energy efficiency, and minimising our environmental impact in collaboration with our partners and customers

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We are building a sustainable future

Our most important asset is our personnel. A working environment and workplace community that supports equality, diversity and safety and fosters open discussion is our foundation.

Our main goals include responsible reinvention, profitable business, and ensuring the satisfaction of our customers. We will meet these goals by developing our expertise and operating models in the ever-changing environment of the energy industry in active collaboration with our partners. We will continue to develop our heat and electricity production towards net zero, and we will strive to make our product offering meet the needs of our customers, which includes further improving our customer service. We promote our responsibility in our value chain. The development of our operation is enabled by profitable business.

Our customer promise is “We are nearby, but see far ahead”.

Our values


We know the everyday lives of our customers and we walk alongside them - in their homes, their businesses, and their communities. We serve openly and with understanding, both locally and nationally.​

We engage in social dialogue, and we are ambassadors both of Turku Energia and the field of renewable energy.  We are a team whose success is based on mutual interaction, encouragement, and professional pride.​

For us proximity is also about energy solutions and continuity of supply that improve everyday living. You can rely on us - we also rely on each other.


​Responsibility is at the heart of everything we do. We are committed to leading and developing our business responsibly.​ Responsibility is at the centre of our daily operation, leadership, and risk management. ​

Corporate responsibility is built into our entire value chain, from procurement and production to distribution and customers' end use of energy.


We believe in curiosity, learning and experimenting with new things - together with our customers.  New procedures, products, and services inspire us while improving the everyday lives of our customers.  We are also willing to talk, and to take a stand on questions affecting the energy industry and the everyday lives of our customers.  We stand out with courage and insight.