Turku Energia's strategy and vision 2015-2020

Turku Energia's strategy and vision 2015–2020

The purpose of Turku Energia is to generate energy for life, living and entrepreneurship. Our objective is to be one of Finland’s best energy companies as seen by our customers, staff and owners by 2020. The foundation of our strategy that seeks to build the future is profitable and growing business operations in the chosen market area, customer-oriented energy services, responsible environmental activities, and competent employees who enjoy their work.

Turku Energia is one of Finland's largest energy companies. We offer our customers modern energy services that promote a clean environment, a good quality of life and competitiveness. We are also strong regional experts. Our trustworthiness, safety, reliability and smart and responsible energy solutions underpin well-functioning everyday life of a high quality.

In our daily work, we combine top expertise, professional skill, responsibility and an ability to boldly build success stories of energy competence together. Our customers are households, companies and public bodies. Customer orientation is one of the most important cornerstones of our operation. Our new customer promise is “We are nearby, but see far ahead”.

Financial targets 2020

  • Group profit is at least 10 % (2017: 7.0 %)
  • Return on capital employed is at least 12 % (2017: 13.5 %)
  • Debt to equity ratio is at least 40 % (2017: 42.1 %)
  • Group turnover is more than EUR 300 million (2017: EUR 255.0 million)

Five strategic goals for 2016 - 2020

  1. Ensuring customer-centred operation and customer specific profitability.
  2. Increasing the generation and procurement of renewable and CO2-free energy.
  3. Staff and competence development as well as improved resource management.
  4. Increased reliability and intelligence of energy systems.
  5. Development of business and organisational structures.

1. The customer is at the centre of our operations

Our aim is to produce added value for our customers by means of targeted and versatile services delivered on real time and solution-oriented sales activities as well as by improving our energy efficiency services. We will also develop our current product range to make it easier to use and to ensure it is profitable.

In response to the demand of customers and society we will develop products that support hybrid electricity and heat solutions. We will utilise our electronic service channels in customer encounters and develop real time energy consumption reporting. Customer orientation is one of the most important cornerstones of our operation.

2. We will invest in environmentally responsible generation and procurement of energy

Our objective is that in 2020, over one half of the electricity and heat we sell will have been generated from renewable and CO2-free sources. We are also striving to be the Finnish city with the lowest CO2 emissions.

In our generation and procurements, we will increase the volume of renewable and CO2-free energy sources in a goal-oriented manner by replacing fossil fuels with biofuels, such as pellets, biomass or biogas.

We are actively investigating opportunities for new projects which will increase the amount of renewable energy sources in our generation portfolio. We are creating new approaches to the generation of district heat, for example in the district heat network that is currently being developed in the Skanssi area which will enable surplus heat to be fed into the network.

We are participating as an affiliate company in the construction of the multi-fuel power generation plant in Naantali that is being built by Turun Seudun Energiantuotanto Oy. Once completed in 2017, this plant will generate both electricity and heat from biofuels.

We will replace our stand-by and peak lopping oil fuelled generation with renewable energy sources such as pellets. The Luolavuori pellet-fired district heat plant completed in 2015 replaces about one half of the oil used for standby and peak lopping generation of district heat.

We will also introduce renewable fuels in steam production. The alternatives for this are biomass or different biogas based solutions.

In the generation of electricity, we are increasing our wind power shares through our affiliate company Suomen Hyötytuuli Oy, and we are participating in the Fennovoima project that aims to increase CO2-free energy generation. In addition, we are developing the procurement of hydro-electricity through our affiliate companies Kolsin Voima and Svartisen. We are also investing in solar power: our first solar power station will be built in Kupittaa in spring 2016.

3. We will develop our competence and staff

In order to bolster our competitiveness and reach the set targets, we are developing our staff and our competence. We will ensure the functioning of our deputy arrangements in staff planning from the perspectives of both coping at work and information management. We will manage occupational well-being in order to ensure coping at work and to encourage the transfer of tacit knowledge in a working environment where almost 40 per cent of the staff will retire over the next ten years.

4. We will improve the security of supply and intelligence in our energy systems

We will ensure the reliability, quality and safety of transmission of electricity and heat by means of network maintenance, renewal and development. We will develop the energy transmission network as indicated by the changing operating environment. We will prepare for the intelligent use of energy as well as the growing importance of small-scale generation by taking a more dynamic approach to the management of energy consumption, generation, storage and transmission.

5. We will develop our business and organisational structures

We will develop our core and support processes to meet the requirements of the energy markets, the customers and our owners. We will focus on our core business that supports growth and profitability as well as on its continuous development in our changing operating environment and business sector. We will improve our speed and efficiency in operational planning, projects and our business activities.

Our values

The long-term operation and development of Turku Energia are based on the established and shared values of the company and its staff.

Customer satisfaction

We are here for the customer.

Competence and renewal

We succeed by working together and lead by our example.


We strive to develop our profitability and competitiveness.

Reliability and availability

We develop and maintain our electricity and heat networks and our generation plants to secure excellent reliability and availability of energy services for our customers.

Environmental friendliness

We are pioneers in environmental matters and we shoulder our responsibility for reducing environmental impact. Our goal is to ensure that at least 50% of the electricity and heat we sell will be from renewable energy sources in 2020.