Solar-panels for your home – Louna Solar

Finnish-made solar-panels with long warranty periods

The smallest Louna Solar package includes 8 solar-panels. It has a total power output of  2.48kWp, and an annual yield of about 2,000kWh.

Suitable for use in locations with electricity bills of at least €100/month for the summer season (March to September).

You can apply for a household tax deduction for the installation work. Installation work accounts for approximately 34% of the total price of package.

Price from €5,400
or in instalments from €92/month

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Louna Solar includes all this

We make a survey and design the best package for your roof.

  • Finnish-made SALO® solar-panels manufactured by Salo Tech Oy
  • The right-sized high-quality inverter
  • Finnish SALO® Mounting Systems mounting racks made of recycled aluminium
  • Stainless-steel Finnish-made SALO® Mounting Systems roof brackets
  • Installation of solar-panels by local professionals
  • Onboarding and guidance for use of the solar-panel system

Contents of the Louna Solar package


Basic information about solar-panels

Panel manufacturer Salo Tech Oy
Panel type Mono-crystal panel
Panel power output 310Wp or 375Wp
Panel quantity 8 to 12 panels
Total system yield 2,480 to 4,500Wp
Surface area m² 12.8 to 24m²
Weight of the entire panel package in pitched roof installation about 15kg/m2
Weight of the entire panel package in flat-roof installation about 15 kg/m2, or depending on the property, if loose weights are used.

Every panel goes through quality inspections and power output testing at the factory. Quality assurance guarantees that our panels perform as advertised.

The rated power of the solar panel is expressed in Wp (watt-peak). The rated power of the solar panel is indicated in Wp (watt-peak). The rated power of the panel has been measured in standard operating conditions. The actual power varies depending on the radiation power of the sun, the angle of installation of the panel and the compass direction, possible shadow areas and outdoor temperature.


Other parts

Inverter Fronius Symo 3.0-3-M or 6.0-3-M
Brackets Salo Tech Oy's brackets according to roof type and material. Material is stainless or acid-resistant steel.
Mounting racks Salo Tech Oy's mounting racks. Material recycled aluminium.
Mounting racks and accessories Salo Solar's PDF brochure on mounting racks and accessories for pitched roofs


The price of solar-panel packages includes:

  • Driving distance of 100km from Salo.
  • Installation on pitched roof, brick-tile roof, bitumen or sheet-metal roof (as a uniform panel set).
  • Lifting work if the eaves height of the property does not exceed 3.5 metres.
  • Connecting the inverter to the Internet.
  • Services of the building supervisor at properties where an operating permit is required.
  • The solar panel package is connected with the property's free fuse outputs.
  • Safety switch
  • About 50 metres of DC cable and about 4 metres of AC cable
  • Continuous monitoring and maintenance service for the solar-panel system.

Installation schedule

  • Installation by order-book. We aim to install within 30 days of ordering, but during high season (i.e. from April to August), delivery times may be longer.
  • Louna Solar packages are installed in just one day.

Warranty periods

Solar panels 30 years warranty for manufacturing defects and material
Mounting racks 30 years warranty
Fronius inverter 7 years warranty (requires registration)
Other products and installation 10 years warranty
Guarantee of electricity generation Salo Tech Oy grants a 25 years electricity generation guarantee for the solar-panels they manufacture. This means that even after 25 years, the panels will still have at least 80% of the promised rated yield.


Services with additional charges (including VAT 24%)

Use of a crane if the eaves height of the property exceeds 3.5 metres. €180/day
Driving charge if the installation site is further than 100 kilometres from Salo. €1.30/km
Additional charge if connecting the inverter to the Internet requires a separate visit. €200
Installation of additional fuses €300
Grounding cable and required additional work Determined case by case
Visit of the building supervisor in the final inspection €100

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