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With solar panels, you can reduce your electricity bill and increase the value of your property. At the same time, you reduce your carbon footprint by utilising completely emission-free, renewable energy.

Läpileikkaus omakotitalosta, jonka katolla on aurinkopaneelit. Piirroskuva.

High-quality Finnish-made solar panels

Rates are valid until further notice. All prices are inclusive of VAT 24%.

The price of the package includes surveying and designing the package that best suits your needs.

Louna Solar

The smallest Louna Solar package includes 8 solar panels. It has a total power output of  2.48kWp and an annual yield of about 2,000kWh.

Suitable for use in locations with electricity bills of at least €100/month for the summer season (March to September).

Price from €5,400
(8 panels)

or in instalments from €92/month

Louna Solar Optimi

The smallest Louna Solar Optimi package includes 14 solar panels and a smart control system for controlling consumption. It has a total power output of  4.34kWp and an annual yield of about 3,700kWh.

Suitable for use in locations with hot water boiler and electricity bills of at least €130/month for the summer season (March to September).

Price from €9,750
(14 panels)

or in instalments from €166/month

Top Finnish quality

Our high-quality solar panels are manufactured in Finland, Salo. The panels are manufactured by Salo Tech Oy. The mounting racks are also Finnish-made. You will benefit from long warranty periods for both electricity production and equipment. 

Solar panels as a turnkey solution

Our packages include the entire photovoltaic system, including surveying and installation. With surveying, you can choose just the right-sized package for your home.

We provide you with reliable service

We help you to choose just the right package. Also, you are always welcome to contact us regarding the operation of solar panels even after installation.

Solar panels paid in instalments

Get your solar panels effortlessly via OP funding. Interest on financing is deductible in your tax declaration, and you can apply for a household tax deduction for installation work.


This is how you purchase solar panels and have them installed

1. We will find the best solution for your property

Professionals in energy design a solution that suits your property. They also ensure just the right dimensioning.

2. Getting the necessary permits

You may need a building or action permit. Contact your own municipality's building supervision agency. Requirements vary between municipalities.

3. Easy delivery throughout southwestern Finland

We will install your solar-panels professionally. We will handle the connection of the system to the power grid on your behalf.

4. You have now become a small-scale producer of electricity!

Once your own solar-panel system has been installed and connected to the power grid, you will become a small-scale producer of electricity. You can use both electricity purchased via an electricity company and your own solar-panel production in parallel in your property.

Sell your excess solar-power to us

Should you generate more electricity with your solar-panels than you consume, generated surplus will be transferred to the electricity grid for others to use. And you can sell this surplus electricity to us!

Contact Turku Energia's customer service and sign a small-scale producer's My Electricity contract. When you have this contract in place, we will pay you for electricity that exceeds your own needs. This surplus is transferred to the electricity grid.

Nainen nojaa aurinkopaneeliin.

Top-level Finnish quality!

Our solar panels are designed and manufactured in Salo, Finland. Watch a video detailing the process of making solar-panels.

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