Finnish-made solar panels for your home

Order solar panels from us — get top-quality products and fair compensation for the solar electricity you produce. Our experts are at your service during and after the entire process.

The best solar panel package for your roof

Top quality solar panels
Our Finnish-made solar panels are manufactured by Salo Tech Oy. Our panels are well suited to Nordic conditions. The mounting racks are also Finnish-made.

The package with guaranteed durability
The solar panels manufactured by Salo Tech have a 25-year power output guarantee. The mounting racks have up to a 30-year guarantee. You also get guarantees for other parts, meaning that the functionality of the panels is guaranteed for years to come.

Your lifelong energy partner
We will design a panel package that is just right for your roof. We are always at your disposal when it comes to the operation of the solar panels, before and after installation.

Save on the electricity bill
Pay less for both purchased electricity and electricity transmission when you produce electricity yourself. In addition, we will pay you a fair refund for the solar electricity that you are not consuming yourself.

Solar panel prices


Louna Solar

from €7,500 €

Excellent choice for an open plot with no shade

8 to 12 panels

Annual yield from 2,700kWh


Louna Solar Optimi

from €10,100

The best choice for a plot with tree shade, for example

From 10 panels

Annual yield from 3,500kWh

You receive maximum power from each panel

Web-based production monitoring

Designed for Finnish conditions specifically

The solar panels, manufactured in Salo, use high-quality raw materials and production technology. The panels are extremely resistant to the demanding conditions of the north and their energy production is top class.

Get solar panels for your roof easily

  • 1.

    Request a quote via our website. Our experts carry out the mapping, planning and measurements related to the purchase of solar panels for your home.

  • 2.

    You may need a building or planning permit to install solar panels.

  • 3.

    We install the solar panels in one working day. You will receive guidance on using the system. We connect your solar power system to the electricity grid at the same time.

  • 4.

    Enter into a small-scale producer's contract with us, whereby we will pay you a fair compensation when you produce more solar electricity than you consume.

  • 5.

    You have now become a small-scale producer of electricity! You can use both electricity purchased via an electricity company and your own solar panel production in parallel in your property.


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What do we mean by metering method?

General Electricity

When you opt for our general electricity contract, you always pay the same price (24/7). This metering method is most commonly used in smaller homes; e.g. in apartment blocks and terraced houses.

Night-time Electricity

When you opt for night-time electricity metering, the price for electricity varies according to time of day; day-time metering applies e.g. from 7 AM to 10 PM, and night-time metering applies from 10 PM to 7 AM. Please note that different distribution network suppliers apply different cut- off times for metering, and you should take this into consideration when estimating consumption. Night-time metering is very popular in terraced and detached houses where the primary heat source is direct electrical heating.

Seasonal Electricity

Your electricity consumption can also be metered seasonally either as winter-day energy and other period energy. This metering method is popular with detached houses and vacation homes, which have water- circulated, heat-storing floor-heating and dual-rate metering. During summer season and winter nights, electricity is most affordable.