Louna Tunti – Always the right price.

The Louna Tunti electricity contract allows you to take advantage of fluctuations in electricity prices and reduce your own electricity bill. In addition, you will receive dozens of different customer benefits!

0.38 c/kWh+ hourly market-priceBasic fee: €3.99/mthsPrice vat: 24%The contract is valid indefinitely

Hourly-rated electricity contract

The hourly-rated electricity contract monitors the rate of electricity on an hourly basis. The rate of the electricity in the Louna Tunti contract consists of the consumption weighted Spot rate of the Finnish rate area of the Nord Pool electricity exchange. The invoice shows the rate of energy as the average rate for the invoicing period.

You can save on your electricity bill by making use of the cheapest moments of electricity production. For example, you could heat the sauna only when the rate is lower.

If your electricity consumption is focused on more expensive hours, your electricity invoice may be higher than usual. There may be seasonal fluctuations in the hourly price of electricity, for example during the heating season the average price level may be significantly higher.

Louna Tunti electricity contract is only suitable for locations where the network company can read the measuring equipment on an hourly basis. Prices valid until further notice.

Advantages of Louna Tunti -electricity contract

Always competitively priced electricity

You pay the price of electricity every hour, which is the market price with a small brokerage fee. The pricing of the Louna Tunti electricity contract is transparent.

You can see the hourly prices the day before

The hourly prices for tomorrow can be seen in advance, for example, in Fingrid's Hourly Price mobile application, which you can also download to your phone.

Take advantage of the electricity price fluctuations

You can save on your electricity bill by shifting your consumption to off-peak hours through scheduling or planning your electricity usage in advance.

The contract is valid until further notice

The contract can be terminated with 14 days' notice, if desired.

Spot average price

Terms of Louna Tunti contract

  • The contract is valid until further notice and you can terminate it with 14 days' notice.

  • Energy from the Louna Tunti electricity contract is produced from a variety of energy sources: 82.3% with renewable energy, 8.2% with fossil production forms and 9.5% with nuclear power. By selecting the Ekotakuu service (€0.99/month), you will receive your electricity as 100% renewable energy.

  • The Turku Energia Terms of Electricity Sales shall be applied to this contract. The up-to-date list of Electricity Sales service charges is available at the same page.

  • The annual amount of energy in the consumer customer's electricity contract can be a maximum of 60,000 kWh. If the consumer customer's annual consumption exceeds the above-mentioned amount, the contract is exchanged for one that better corresponds to the consumption amount. If you are a corporate customer, see our electricity contracts for companies (in Finnish).

  • As a regular customer, you get access to more than 70 different benefits, including restaurants, theaters, car shops, interior design shops and hobbies. Read more in Finnish

Additional services


The energy in this electricity contract is generated from various types of power plants. By ordering an additional Ekotakuu service, we will purchase the electricity you use from hydroelectric power stations. With Ekotakuu service, you change your energy contract to 100% hydroelectric power.

The price of the service is €0.99/month, which will be billed on your electricity bill. You can opt for the service when making an electricity contract or by contacting our customer service. The Ekotakuu service is valid until further notice and follows the validity of the electricity contract.

As our customer you receive loyalty benefits and discounts

Eturinki is Turku Energy's customer loyalty program, through which you gain valuable benefits from dozens of businesses and online stores. You automatically get to take advantage of diverse benefits when you're a consumer customer of electricity or heat. You can redeem the benefits in stores by presenting either your electronic or paper discount card.

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