Louna Nero electricity contract combines the best of both worlds

The Louna Nero electricity contract combines the security of a fixed-rate contract with the inexpensiveness of an hourly-based contract. Half of your hourly electricity consumption will be invoiced based on the fixed rate and half with the market price-based spot rate.


50 % fixed rate
50 % spot rate

Basic fee: €4.50 per month
Fixed rate: 9.25 c/kWh
Exchange electricity rate: 0.49 c/kWh + spot

The contract is fixed-term, 12 months

Choose the smart Louna Nero electricity contract

Only a limited number of special offer electricity contracts are available. The offer is valid until 31.10.2023 or until the batch is sold out.

In the Louna Nero contract, half of your hourly electricity consumption will be billed based on the fixed rate and the half with the market price-based spot rate. The consumed energy will be invoiced monthly.

You can save on your electricity bill by making use of the cheapest moments of electricity production. For example, you could heat the sauna only when the rate is lower. If your electricity consumption is focused on more expensive hours, your electricity invoice may be higher than usual. There may be seasonal fluctuations in the hourly price of electricity, for example during the heating season the average price level may be significantly higher.

Louna Nero electricity contract is only suitable for locations where the network company can read the measuring equipment on an hourly basis.

Make the contract by chat or phone

Contact us in the chat at the right side of turkuenergia.fi, open Mon–Fri 8.00–18.00. Our customer service will make a contract for you.

Or call our customer service: 02 262 8111

You are also welcome to make the contract in our online service, which is open 24/7, but unfortunately the service is only in Finnish. If you need the contract to take effect on the same day, contact our customer service directly.

The rate is calculated per hour

You consume 2kWh of electricity during a given hour. You will pay the fixed rate (9.25 c/kWh) for 50% of the energy consumed, i.e. for 1 kWh. For the other 1 kWh, you will pay the exchange electricity rate (e.g. 3 c/kWh) plus the brokerage fee specified in the contract (0.49 c/kWh).

  • Fixed-rate share (50%) equals 1 kWh, for which the price is 9.25 c/kWh
  • The exchange electricity rate (50%) for the hour is 3 c/kWh + brokerage fee 0.49 c/kWh, 3.49 c/kWh in total.

Total rate for the hour: 12.74 c

The invoice includes the consumption-weighted average rates for both the fixed-rate and the exchange-rate shares of the price. In the EnergiaOnline service, you can find an hourly breakdown of your consumption, including both the fixed-rate and the exchange-rate shares of consumption as well as the basic fee amount.

Why choose the Louna Nero electricity contract

Benefit from fluctuations in the price of electricity
You can save on your electric bill by shifting your electricity usage to off-peak hours by planning ahead or using timers.

Spot rates become available the day before
You can see tomorrow's spot rates today from e.g. Fingrid's Tuntihinta mobile app, which you can download on your phone.

Fixed rate provides a sense of security
The fixed-rate share of the Louna Nero electricity contract is the same throughout the contract period, i.e. 12 months. This way, the fluctuations in the market price will not fully affect the price of the electricity you consume.

Emission-free and carbon-neutral electricity
The electricity for the contract is generated 100% with nuclear power in Finland and Europe.

Get the Louna Nero electricity contract

  • The contract is fixed-term (12 months) and will expire at the end of the term. If you have not entered into a new fixed-term contract, we will secure your supply of electricity with a new non-fixed-term contract for an electricity sales product that is in accordance with our obligation to deliver.

  • The Turku Energia Terms of Electricity Sales shall be applied to this contract. The up-to-date list of Electricity Sales service charges is available at the same page.

  • The annual amount of energy in the consumer customer's electricity contract can be a maximum of 60,000 kWh. If the consumer customer's annual consumption exceeds the above-mentioned amount, the contract is exchanged for one that better corresponds to the consumption amount. If you are a corporate customer, see our electricity contracts for companies (in Finnish).

Additional services

Ekotakuu Extra

Your electricity is produced with 100% renewable energy. However, you can do some extra environmental work by subscribing to the Ekotakuu Extra service. The service collects funds for the Finnish Nature Heritage Foundation for protecting forests in Southwest Finland.

The price of the service is €0.50/month, which will be billed on your electricity bill. You can opt for the service when making an electricity contract or by contacting our customer service. The Ekotakuu Extra service is valid until further notice and follows the validity of the electricity contract.

As our customer you receive loyalty benefits

As a regular customer, you get access to more than 70 different benefits, including restaurants, theaters, car shops, interior design shops and hobbies.


Get Finnish solar panels without installation worries

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What do we mean by metering method?

General Electricity

When you opt for our general electricity contract, you always pay the same price (24/7). This metering method is most commonly used in smaller homes; e.g. in apartment blocks and terraced houses.

Night-time Electricity

When you opt for night-time electricity metering, the price for electricity varies according to time of day; day-time metering applies e.g. from 7 AM to 10 PM, and night-time metering applies from 10 PM to 7 AM. Please note that different distribution network suppliers apply different cut- off times for metering, and you should take this into consideration when estimating consumption. Night-time metering is very popular in terraced and detached houses where the primary heat source is direct electrical heating.

Seasonal Electricity

Your electricity consumption can also be metered seasonally either as winter-day energy and other period energy. This metering method is popular with detached houses and vacation homes, which have water- circulated, heat-storing floor-heating and dual-rate metering. During summer season and winter nights, electricity is most affordable.