Electricity Sales service charges

Invoice and document charges VAT 24 %
Extra invoice requested by the customer outside the normal billing period 9,30
Document charge (certificates, copy of invoice etc.) 9,30
Hourly document charge (€/h) 65,10


Energy advice VAT 24 %
Visit from an Energy Adviser in the Turku region 49,60


Other services are charged as per agreement with the customer.

Payment reminders and other payment requests are dealt by Ropo Capital with Turku Energia’s mandate. Payment reminder sendings are charged according to the Debt Collection Act. Ropo Capital will charge additional fees for other collection operations according to their current price list.

Collection, disconnection and reconnection fees are charged in accordance with the local network company rate schedule.

Prices valid until further notice.

What do we mean by metering method?

General Electricity

When you opt for our general electricity contract, you always pay the same price (24/7). This metering method is most commonly used in smaller homes; e.g. in apartment blocks and terraced houses.

Night-time Electricity

When you opt for night-time electricity metering, the price for electricity varies according to time of day; day-time metering applies e.g. from 7 AM to 10 PM, and night-time metering applies from 10 PM to 7 AM. Please note that different distribution network suppliers apply different cut- off times for metering, and you should take this into consideration when estimating consumption. Night-time metering is very popular in terraced and detached houses where the primary heat source is direct electrical heating.

Seasonal Electricity

Your electricity consumption can also be metered seasonally either as winter-day energy and other period energy. This metering method is popular with detached houses and vacation homes, which have water- circulated, heat-storing floor-heating and dual-rate metering. During summer season and winter nights, electricity is most affordable.