Electric car charging

Tank full of power from your own charging station

Electric cars are becoming more common in the street scene. Now you can get your own electric vehicle charging station for your family through us.

We also offer charging solutions for companies and condominiums – information in Finnish.

Sähköauton latauspiste pihaympäristössä.

Get a recharging point easily

You can get everything you need to charge your electric car at home from us. You can order a survey, a suitable charger and a basic installation from us.

Reliable service and quality products

You can rest assured that you will receive expert service and quality products. The equipment is supplied by the Finnish Satmatic Oy and installed by Turku Energia. You get a 12-month warranty on your charging station.

Electrical engineering mapping

Order an electrical engineering mapping from us and you will be assured that your property's Electrical Engineering will withstand the use of a charger. If you order a equipment package from us, the inventory is included in the price.

Charging point for your home with financing

You can easily get charging points for an electric car with OP funding. Financing interest is deductible for tax purposes and you can apply for a household deduction for installation work.

Why should you get a charging station specifically for an electric car?

  • A charging point meant for charging an electric car is a safe choice. It is fire safe and user-safe.
  • An ordinary socket can be damaged or even melted during long-term charging and can cause personal injury.
  • The charging station ensures that the battery is fully charged overnight. The power of a standard electrical outlet usually requires much longer charging time.
Mies istuu sähköauton kuskin paikalla ja katsoo avonaisesta ikkunasta ulos.

Charging equipment for detached houses

Charger with socket (type 2)

Suitable for all-electric cars or rechargeable hybrids.

Price from €1,060
or in instalments from €50/month

Charger with fixed cable (type 1 or 2)

Suitable for all-electric cars or rechargeable hybrids.

Price from €1,250
or in instalments from €50/month

Kaksi miestä tutustumassa sähköauton latauslaitteeseen kerrostalon parkkipaikalla.

Mapping provides certainty for the implementation of the charging point

Those considering a charging station should first find out what the need for charging electric cars is now and in the years to come. Another issue to be clarified is the adequacy of both the property's electricity connection and the internal electricity network's capacity for charging.

Order a mapping service from Turku Energia, and you can reliably find out the possibilities of charging your car for electric cars. The mapping also gives an indication of what kind of modifications may be needed so that the necessary charging points can be implemented. We then design the most suitable charger solutions that meet an existing or future need.

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