Strategy and vision

In our strategy, we have put customers and their energy well-being at the center. In keeping with our customer promise, we are nearby, but see far ahead. In line with our strategy, our main mission is to be a reliable partner in all of our customers' energy solutions.

We are a reliable and responsible partner and offer our customers the best energy solution for them. We invest in sales, new services and providing comprehensive energy solutions to our customers.

Aukion portailla seisoo suuri joukko Turku Energian henkilökuntaa ryhmäkuvassa.

Turku Energia's strategy

Our goal is to create a sustainable future by renewing and standing out. We promote a sustainable future together and in cooperation with our customers. We develop new ways of working and also products and services that make our customers' daily lives better. Through our operations, we are taking Turku and Finland towards a carbon-neutral society. We do things in front of a cleaner energy conscience every day and we also help our customers do it.

We monitor changes in our operating environment and our customers' daily lives, as well as changes and developments in the energy market.

Turku Energian strategia selitettynä talopiirroksen ympärillä.

We are nearby, but see far ahead.

This is our customer promise.

Our values


We know the everyday lives of our customers and we walk alongside them - in their homes, their businesses, and their communities. We serve openly and with understanding, both locally and nationally.​

We engage in social dialogue, and we are ambassadors both of Turku Energia and the field of renewable energy.  We are a team whose success is based on mutual interaction, encouragement, and professional pride.​

For us proximity is also about energy solutions and continuity of supply that improve everyday living. You can rely on us - we also rely on each other.

Environmental friendliness

For us being environmentally friendly means concrete and effective action to promote sustainable development. Turku Energia has worked perseveringly to replace fossil fuels with renewable fuels. At the end of 2020, 80 per cent of district heat was generated with renewable fuels. The aim is to increase the share of renewables to 85 per cent by the end of 2023. For us environmental friendliness also makes sense, both in our services and in our products.


We believe in curiosity, learning and experimenting with new things - together with our customers.  New procedures, products, and services inspire us while improving the everyday lives of our customers.  We are also willing to talk, and to take a stand on questions affecting the energy industry and the everyday lives of our customers.  We stand out with courage and insight.

What do we mean by metering method?

General Electricity

When you opt for our general electricity contract, you always pay the same price (24/7). This metering method is most commonly used in smaller homes; e.g. in apartment blocks and terraced houses.

Night-time Electricity

When you opt for night-time electricity metering, the price for electricity varies according to time of day; day-time metering applies e.g. from 7 AM to 10 PM, and night-time metering applies from 10 PM to 7 AM. Please note that different distribution network suppliers apply different cut- off times for metering, and you should take this into consideration when estimating consumption. Night-time metering is very popular in terraced and detached houses where the primary heat source is direct electrical heating.

Seasonal Electricity

Your electricity consumption can also be metered seasonally either as winter-day energy and other period energy. This metering method is popular with detached houses and vacation homes, which have water- circulated, heat-storing floor-heating and dual-rate metering. During summer season and winter nights, electricity is most affordable.