About us

We are nearby, but see far ahead

Turku Energia is the leading power supplier in Southwest Finland. The company's operations are based on competitive energy prices, competent personnel, service reliability, profitability and environmentally friendly processes.

Our core business consists of procurement, distribution and sale of electricity and heat, as well as development, construction and maintenance of power plants and distribution networks. Our customer base costists of private consumers, companies and communities. We are known as a reliable and customer-oriented power company that sells energy mainly generated from renewable energy sources.

Turku Energia has a certified management system including systems for operations, environment and occupational health and safety (ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001).

More information: Annual report

Responsible energy for life, living, and entrepreneurship

The activities of Turku Energia are based on responsible management and constant improvement of business operations and modes of action. The principles of responsible entrepreneurship, which have been approved by the company's Board, require that Turku Energia should recognise its social, economic, and environmental responsibility in its operations.


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